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About Us

Based out of Atlanta, we're a tightly knit team focussing on making sales follow-ups exponentially better. We are led by our core values of authenticity, empathy, customer delight and an unrelenting passion for solving B2B problems. Our team includes software engineers, designers, product managers, and of course, B2B sales reps. 

Sales professionals are our heroes. Their invaluable feedback has brought us to this stage and we'd like to celebrate them every step of the way.

We are passionate about challenging the status quo of sales follow-ups. And we want to do that by being the "most hungry to learn" sales technology team on the planet. 

Our mission is to eliminate document friction from closing deals.

Idea Launch

ClosingPage, as an idea, was first unveiled to the world in 2017 at Atlanta Tech Village. We invited and thanked the incredible startup community of Atlanta that supported us through interviews and customer discovery meetings. It was a perfect occasion to show a teaser of our product and get some pre-launch feedback. Check out the pictures below, may be you'll spot a founder or two :) 

Great companies are nothing without great people who root for them. So thanks for every one who came out and supported us! 



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