Making sales follow-ups smarter.


Introducing ClosingPage: A radical alternative for sales reps looking to do more than just send a typical follow-up email with boring attachments. With ClosingPage, you can build carefully curated web collections that make sense to a specific deal and share that custom link to your customer as a follow-up. These delightfully packaged pages with personalized and relevant sales content keep your audience always engaged. With deep tracking data on winning content, you always know where your customers’ eyeballs are going so you can act fast and close more deals. 



Organize your sales content from several sources under one hub



Create beautiful, personalized web & mobile-friendly sales follow-ups



Go beyond email open rates, identify winning sales assets that impact revenue



No random follow-ups, know exactly when customers are interested

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"ClosingPage gives me the ability to know what the prospects are thinking after the demo. With this data, I can follow up with what is relevant to the customer and close more. Having a view into what they did and didn't look at, and when and who viewed it, is crucial for following up with relevant information that they want to hear about."

- Alex Kalvin, Account Executive, Sage Live



“As a sales leader, ClosingPage is interesting to me because it improves my sales team's performance in follow-ups. It lets me tap into a whole new level of customer engagement data so I know which sales content is wining more deals."

- Derek Grant, VP of Commercial Sales, SalesLoft



“I love the concept of being able to create a better experience for prospects in "post-demo" phase. ClosingPage allows you to create an elegantly curated collection of documents as opposed to endless attachments that are often left unopened."

- Amanda Faillo, Account Executive, Terminus